Travelling to The U.K Just Got Cheaper with Brexit

Travelling to The U.K Just Got Cheaper with Brexit

Thinking of Planning a Trip to the U.K? You should plan your trip now while the prices are still low!


With the recent referendum for U.K to leave the European Union, this dropped the British Pound to the lowest levels seen in the past two years at $1.30. The British Pound is down almost 24% over the past two years, making it more attractive for Americans to visit due to the lower foreign currency rates.

European Airlines have also dropped the prices of flights from the U.S to Britain and Europe by as much as 15% since June 28, one of the lowest rates ever seen in the past 3 years as seen in this Hopper graph.

Brexit Cheap Flights

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You should book your flights now before the prices increase as it’s unexpected what will happen in the next couple of months.

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