Taking a Vacation Will Actually Make You Richer

Taking a Vacation Will Actually Make You Richer

Wondering whether or not you should use up all your vacation days? A research study by Project Time-Off shows that people whom have used over 11 vacation days, actually earned more through bonuses and promotions. How about that?

Vacation + More $$$ = The dream, but it’s actually true!

Take a look at this chart for proof

Relationship between Vacation and Bonuses
Relationship between Vacation Days and Bonuses

It makes sense because people who take vacations are generally more happier and relaxed, and thus can put this energy into their workplace with a pay off in the return of a bonus or promotion with a higher salary. This can be backed by another another research study conducted by Project Time-Off, which concluded that 80% of managers actually believed vacation time allowed for energy levels to remain high on their teams, and 67% said their employees were more productive as a result.

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