Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Boarding Pass Online

Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Boarding Pass Online

Thought it was harmless to post a photo of your boarding pass to let others know you’re all about that travel life? It turns out, your boarding pass contains a lot of sensitive information! Hackers can figure out your name, loyalty program, and possibly even alter your travel itinerary.

Each boarding pass has a loyalty number on the boarding pass which can be used to log into your personal profile. It also contains the Passenger Name Record (PNR) which can provide data such as the travel route, payment information, phone number, data of birth, and passport data – all very valuable to criminals and hackers. You can even take a photo of an old boarding pass and upload it on this site here to see what info can be pulled.

Better think twice before sharing a photo of your boarding pass, but if you still ignore our advice you should at least cover up the barcode and your loyalty number.

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