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Fast and Furious 8 Filming Locations

Fast and Furious 8 Filming Locations

Have you watched a pre-screening of The Fate of the Furious, the 8th movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise and were wondering about the filming locations? Here are the travel destinations to consider if you are a hardcore Fast and Furious fan and want to experience them in person!

1. Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland is where most of the action took place, disguising the downtown area as New York City. The cars falling out of the parking structure took place at Halle Bros Parking Garage, where CGI was used to alter the nearby roads.

Fate of the Furious Parking Garage

2. Havana, Cuba
Fate of the Furious Cuba
The race starts in the street nearby El Curita Park.

3. Lake Mývatn, Iceland
This lake is where the large submarine chase took place, it is also a known spot to see the Northern Lights during the winter!

4. Akranes, Iceland
The large explosions at the prison scene are seen in this harbour, located in Akranes, a town which is 30 miles away from Reykjavík.

5. New York City, New York
Pier 40 new york
Pier 40 is the location where cars can be seen flying out and exploding from a warehouse. This is located beside the Hudson River in New York City.

Times Square is also featured as the cars drive past Broadway and 5th Avenue

6. Perry, Georgia
The Berlin scene where the team is seen fleeing took place at the Guardian Centers, which is a natural disaster training site in Perry.

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Iceland is the first to make employers prove equal pay

Iceland is the first to make employers prove equal pay

As part of International Women’s Day today, Iceland will be the first country to require employers to prove that they provide equal pay regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality.

The government declared plans to introduce the new legislation to parliament this month and aims to level the gender wage gap by 2022. Iceland is a small country with a population of approximately 330,000 but has been on the forefront of pushing for wage equality for several years now. Iceland has already introduced a quota to have women represent minimum of 40% as board members to those employers with more than 50 employees. It is no surprise that the country has been ranked the best in the world for wage equality by the World Economic Forum for over 8 years.

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U.S Tourists May Soon Have to Get Visas for Europe

U.S Tourists May Soon Have to Get Visas for Europe

U.S. tourists may soon require a visa if they want to visit Europe, including popular destinations such as London, Paris and Rome.

The European Parliament just voted on the decision to end the visa waiver program with the U.S., many speculating that this was a response to not dropping the visa requirements for a few E.U member states. In 2014, Australia and Canada agreed to to lift some of the visa requirements while the U.S still continued to require visas for five states: Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Cyprus.

If you’re planning to visit Europe, it is a good idea to book a trip sooner than later to avoid all the hassles of getting a visa!

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50% Off Wow Air Flights for 24 Hours Only!

50% Off Wow Air Flights for 24 Hours Only!

Wow Air is offering a limited time sale for 50% off round trip flights! This is amazing deal for flights to Reykjavik, Iceland but hurry this offer ends on December 23rd at 7PM EST. This offer is valid for round trip flights between Jan 14 – Apr 5 and is subject to limited availability. You must use promo code: WOWXMAS16 in order to get the discount.

Sample Flight Deals
Toronto YYZ – Reykjavik KEF on January 16-19 for $166 CAD
San Francisco SFO – Reykjavik KEF: January 17-25th for $211 USD
Los Angeles LAX to Reykjavik KEF round trip on January 26-30th for $226 USD

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Disney World Ticket Discounts for Canadians

Disney World Ticket Discounts for Canadians

You can now save 25% on 4 day or longer tickets to all Walt Disney Theme Parks if you have a Canadian passport. This discount is valid at all four Disney World Theme Parks including Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. A 4 day pass for example is now only $244 USD + taxes which in normally priced at $325 USD + taxes. The tickets must be purchase in advance between September 16, 2016 and February 28, 2017 but they do not actually expire once you purchase them! Click here to read all the terms and conditions of the special offer on Disney’s website. The site seems to be slow with all the traffic for the special so you may need to reload it a couple times.

See the chart below for the special discounted prices for Canadians, make sure to bring your passport with you as they do check at the gate!

Disney World Discounts
Credit: Disney

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Taking a Vacation Will Actually Make You Richer

Taking a Vacation Will Actually Make You Richer

Wondering whether or not you should use up all your vacation days? A research study by Project Time-Off shows that people whom have used over 11 vacation days, actually earned more through bonuses and promotions. How about that?

Vacation + More $$$ = The dream, but it’s actually true!

Take a look at this chart for proof

Relationship between Vacation and Bonuses
Relationship between Vacation Days and Bonuses

It makes sense because people who take vacations are generally more happier and relaxed, and thus can put this energy into their workplace with a pay off in the return of a bonus or promotion with a higher salary. This can be backed by another another research study conducted by Project Time-Off, which concluded that 80% of managers actually believed vacation time allowed for energy levels to remain high on their teams, and 67% said their employees were more productive as a result.

August Summer End Deals

August Summer End Deals

Been too lazy to plan a summer trip? Good thing because you can save a lot of money right now with the August summer end deals!

“Traveling later in the summer can save travelers hundreds of dollars a week off the cost of their vacation rental this summer,” said Laurel Greatrix, TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals spokesperson.

Here are the best places to visit and literally save hundreds of dollars according to TripAdvisor.

Destination July 2016 average weekly rental rate (two-bedroom) August 2016 average weekly rental rate (two-bedroom) Average weekly savings (stays in August vs July 2016)
Destin, Florida $2,171 $1,680 $492
Panama City Beach, Florida $1,753 $1,410 $343
Telluride, Colorado $2,651 $2,342 $309
Gulf Shores, Alabama $1,543 $1,275 $269
Hilton Head, South Carolina $1,660 $1,426 $235
Newport Beach, California $2,507 $2,304 $203
Outer Banks, North Carolina $1,488 $1,293 $195
Nashville, Tennessee $1,799 $1,606 $193
Ka’anapali, Hawaii $3,401 $3,217 $184
South Padre Island, Texas $1,628 $1,445 $183
Share Your YayTrip Plans Contest!

Share Your YayTrip Plans Contest!

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Dangerous Heat Wave About to Hit the U.S

Dangerous Heat Wave About to Hit the U.S

Weather forecasters are warning that one of the worst heatwaves are going to come to the central and southern parts of the U.S this week. The National Weather Service has warned that “This may be one of the worst heat waves in the last few decades.” Temperatures are expected to reach over 100 degrees with high levels of humidity!

Cities such as Dallas, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis and Des Moines are impacted the worst, being in the extreme heat zone. If you’re planning on being in the sun this week, be extra careful and try to not be in the sun for extended periods of time.

Travelling to The U.K Just Got Cheaper with Brexit

Travelling to The U.K Just Got Cheaper with Brexit

Thinking of Planning a Trip to the U.K? You should plan your trip now while the prices are still low!


With the recent referendum for U.K to leave the European Union, this dropped the British Pound to the lowest levels seen in the past two years at $1.30. The British Pound is down almost 24% over the past two years, making it more attractive for Americans to visit due to the lower foreign currency rates.

European Airlines have also dropped the prices of flights from the U.S to Britain and Europe by as much as 15% since June 28, one of the lowest rates ever seen in the past 3 years as seen in this Hopper graph.

Brexit Cheap Flights

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You should book your flights now before the prices increase as it’s unexpected what will happen in the next couple of months.

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